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What is Axiostat?

On the battlefield, blood flows thick and fast. It can’t get more real than that. For soldiers injured in war, time is of the essence. In these crucial moments between life and death, Axiostat takes over and saves the day. With its revolutionary Axio Clotting Technology (A.C.T), Axiostat stops profuse bleeding instantly. It’s a 100% chitosan dressing that achieves haemostasis faster than most conventional methods known to man. Axiostat saves lives - on the battleground and off it.

Mechanism of action

Benefits of Axiostat

  • Stops severe bleeding in minutes
  • Battlefield proven technology
  • Comes in camouflaged, rugged metal pouch packing for easy carrying
  • Currently used by Defense Forces, Paramilitary Forces & Army across India, Middle East and Europe
  • Ready to use and can be cut to suit wounds of different sizes


To manage severe arterial bleeding
on battlefield.
Available in special camouflage

MIL88: 8x8cm

Blood clot test

How to use axiostat

published papers on axiostat

Axiostat - A new generation
Haemostatic Dressing for
controlling acute Haemorrhage in
accident victims:
A Clinical Evaluation

Assessing the efficacy of
Haemostatic Dressing Axiostat in
Trauma Care at a Tertiary Care
Hospital in India: A comparison
with Conventional Cotton Gauze

Evaluating effectiveness of Axiostat
Haemostatic Material in achieving
Haemostasis and healing of
extraction wounds in patients on
Oral Antiplatelet Drugs

Chitosan based Axiostat Dental
Dressing following Extraction in
Cardiac Patients under Antiplatelet

clinical data


Dr. Narendra Kohli, Chief Medical Office,
Border Security Force, Chattisgarh, India
“Myself used Axiostat blood clotting patches in operational area in Baster Dist. of Chattisgarh. I used these pads on several personnel who were injured in IED Blast and witnessed a good result of these pads”

Mr. Mansoor Ali Khan, PhD, FRCS, FEBS, FACS
Surgeon Commander, Royal Navy
“One of my colleagues used the product the other day, and it was very effective in achieving haemostasis. I do believe it is effective in stopping bleeding”

Dr. K.S Kumar, Commandant Medical,
Border Security Force, Jammu & Kashmir, India
“Axiostat is a wonderful product which we used during Gunshot wounds and helped to stop bleeding. This product has great scope in battlefields to help in controlling bleeding instantly and save lives”

Commandant Medical, Head Quarters,
Assam Rifles, India
“It is to inform you that Axiostat, which was sent to us was experimented by our doctor and found that bleeding stopped within 3 minutes. It is also found that there is not any toxic effect observed while conducting the test and no post applying infection found”.

112Bn BSF, Rajasthan, India
“This is to inform you that we had procured Axiostat and was sent for election duty. It was used in one of the accidental cases and it worked very well compared to Quikclot. There was no smell and easy to use”