• Sterile, Ready to Use
  • Shelf Life, 3 Years
  • Can be cut, folded & stuffed into deep wounds
  • Battlefield proven technology
  • Painless removal, irrigate with saline
  • Extensively used by Defense Forces worldwide
  • Can be used on patients on blood thinners
  • Hypoallergenic, no side effects

About Axiostat

mechanism of Axiostat


Ian Loftus, Professor of Vascular Surgery
St. George’s Healthcare NHS Trust, London
“ We have used Axiostat topically on groin puncture upto
24 French sheath, where there is a small amount of bleeding
after the use of closure devices and also in rather unusual
circumstances when we have had bleeding around sheaths
and have found that it works. It seems an interesting product
and we would like to continue to trial it.
Gavin Sutton (Advanced Life Support Paramedic)
Chief Operating Officer, Be Safe Paramedical, South Africa
“ We have trialled Axiostat® in the respected Metro Emergency
Services in Cape Town, South Africa where it was used on a
range of patients from penetrating gunshot and knife trauma to
polytrauma caused by train accidents. The feedback has been
extremely positive with regards to the ease of application and
efficacy of Axiostat®”

Axiostat used in Surgical strike