Axiostat® is a sterile, non-absorbable haemostatic dressing intended to control profuse bleeding within minutes of application by providing an active mechanical barrier to the wound site.

Axiostat® stops moderate to severe bleeding due to cuts, abrasions, lacerations, venous/arterial punctures and more. Mechanism of action is such that Axiostat® is an extremely positive dressing that becomes very sticky in the presence of negatively charged blood and thus seals the wound area.

Conventional interventions as applying manual pressure, Cotton gauze etc takes more than 10-15 minutes to stop profuse bleeding and in majority of cases they are incapable of controlling profuse bleeding. Axiostat® helps stabilize the patient immediately and also helps save time for caregiver to focus on severe injuries. Use of Axiostat® reduces blood loss, and thus the demand for blood transfusion products such as red blood cells or plasma

Axiostat® is ready to use and can be cut to suit different wound sizes. They can be delivered through a pool of blood and is simple to apply and remove by a non-medical first responder. Axiostat® also stops bleeding faster than any available trauma haemostat. It does not have any side effects such as viral transmission (associated with Gelatin, Collagen products) or exothermic reaction (association with Kaolin/Zeolite products)

Axiostat® comes in sterile multi-layered pouches/blisters which can be easily opened using one hand. Axiostat® can be directly applied onto bleeding with palm pressure. It doesn’t require pre-mixing or preparation prior to use.

Yes. Axiostat® can be cut into multiple pieces and used on various injuries. It can also be folded and stuffed into actively bleeding wounds.

Axiostat® can be removed using saline or water irrigation. It will turn into a gel that can be easily peeled away without causing any trauma to the wound. This is one major advantage in using Axiostat® as it can be completely removed from wound without dislodging the already formed clot.

No. Axiostat® usage is visually represented on the pack and can be easily understood by a lay-man through minimal demonstration of usage.

Axiostat® has a higher affinity to blood and may stick to hands if not dry. Axiostat® also needs adequate blood to wet the contact surface and this aids in quick control of bleeding.

Product Variant Product Code Dimensions (in mm)
Axiostat® Dental D11 10X10
Axiostat® Small S55 50X50
Axiostat® Medium M85 80X50
Axiostat® Large L88 80X80
Axiostat® Military MIL88 80X80

Axiostat® Dental: For dental and oral procedures such as Tooth extraction, Biopsy, Graft

Axiostat® Small: Ideal for Home use, Vascular procedures and small wound area bleeding.

Axiostat® Medium: Ideal for Motorvehicle kits, Home use, Industries, Ambulances and Hospitals

Axiostat® Large: Ideal for Hospitals, Large surface bleeding, Ambulances

Axiostat® Military: Special camouflage design for Military/Paramilitary/Police forces to carry in field operations

Axiostat® comes in various sizes suitable to cover standard wounds. In case wounds are larger or there is an extended laceration, multiple Axiostats can be applied side by side. We also provide custom Axiostat® size on large orders pertaining to a particular indication.

Axiostat® is made of a naturally occurring polymer known as Chitosan (Poly [β-(1,4)-2-amino- 2-deoxy- D- glucosamine],) which is a biocompatible polysaccharide extracted from endoskeleton of cephalopods like squid. They are rigorously processed and purified prior to fabricating into dressing and is terminally sterilized using Gamma irradiation.

No. Axiostat® is a non-absorbable dressing and is not an Implant. It should be removed prior to wound closure using water/saline.

There have been no known allergic reactions from the use of Axiostat® since 2011. Chitosan used in Axiostat® does not contain any protein or allergic components.

Axiostat® can be kept on wound up to 48 hours

Secondary dressing such as cotton gauze may be used to keep Axiostat® dry and in position. Axiostat® sticks to bleeding wound quickly and it eliminates the need for any other dressings.

Yes. Axiostat® is X-ray compatible and provides good support to the bleeding wound and facilitates easy & quick X-ray procedure.

Axiostat® has been approved for use in Europe with CE mark and in India. Axiostat® is manufactured in ISO 13485 and GMP certified facility.

Controlled clinical studies on more than 300 patients have been successfully conducted in Hospitals and Ambulances since 2012. Axiostat® was proven to control profuse bleeding within 3-5 minutes as opposed to 15-20 minutes by conventional methods. Pre-clinical study on animal models was also published in International journal.

Surgical haemostats are designed to control oozing bleeding during surgical procedures and they are resorbed in the body within 7 days. Surgical haemostats based on Gelatin, Collagen, Oxidised cellulose, Thrombin etc are incapable of controlling profuse bleeding and thus cannot be effectively used to control external trauma bleeding.

Axiostat® works on the principle of controlling bleeding through strong adhesion independent of clotting mechanism and all surgical haemostats work on the basis of absorption and activation of clotting cascade.

Axiostat® is not a substitute for wound closure devices such as sutures. Axiostat® provides an instant temporary control of bleeding and helps the wound dry prior to suturing or any other surgical procedure

Yes. However Axiostat® is a non-absorbable dressing which is not to be used as an implant. Axiostat® should be removed prior to closing the wound within 24 hours.

Axiostat® works independently of natural clotting mechanism and is based on adhesive property due to charge density of blood components. Hence we would expect the dressing to work on patients with bleeding tendency due to drugs or any disorder, we have not conducted any clinical studies to demonstrate efficacy.

Axiostat® is only intended to control profuse traumatic bleeding. However being a natural polymer based Advanced wound dressing, it can also be applied to burn wounds after applying water/saline on it. It will create a barrier for compromised skin surface and thereby restrict moisture loss, along with controlling infections through its natural bacteriostatic properties.

Donot use Axiostat® on amputed wounds. Axiostat® is not intended to control postpartum haemorrhage.

Axiostat® is a non-absorbable dressing. Do not implant. It is a sterile and for single use only. Donot use Axiostat® over eyes.

Using Axiostat® may seem like an additional cost at the onset but that cost is considered negligible, even negated, in the long run.

In an environment where critical care is being administered like an Emergency Room or Trauma Center, time becomes of prime importance. Any extra time spent in stoppage of bleeding with one patient is time that could be utilized with another patient in need of immediate attention.

Stoppage of bleeding can also minimize the need for transfusion products, thereby reducing the risk of complications and additional cost.

Overhead costs are also reduced when the turnaround time is decreased. Whether it is in emergency care or in a Cathlab, the shorter the procedure, the faster the bed can be turned around for the next patient. This translates directly into increased revenue as a result of additional patients served.

Absolutely! Using Axiostat® achieves haemostasis in under 3 minutes. Conventional methods of gauze & compression requires upto 30 minutes of continuous pressure application to stop the bleeding. Axiostat® also reduces the chances of rebleeding to a great extent.

In case of compression device: The cost & time associated with using a compression device to stop radial arterial bleeding far outweighs its benefits. The continued application of pressure causes discomfort & pain to the patient. There is continuous monitoring that is required by the Cathlab staff. Using Axiostat® is quick, effective & the patient is not put through a laborious procedure.


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