Axiostat becomes the
FIRST AND ONLY hemostat from
India to get USFDA clearance

HALL NO:6 | STALL NO: 6.8.2
11th to 14th April, 2018

Kancheepuram, East Coast Road, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu, India

How to Reach


Recommended for:

  • Gunshot wounds
  • Puncture or stab wounds
  • Blast injuries
  • Sterile, Ready to Use
  • Shelf Life, 3 Years
  • Can be cut, folded & stuffed into deep wounds
  • Battlefield proven technology
  • Painless removal, irrigate with saline
  • Extensively used by Defense Forces worldwide
  • Camouflaged, rugged metal pouch packing


Dr. Narendra Kohli, Chief Medical Office,
Border Security Force, Chattisgarh, India
"Myself used Axiostat blood clotting patches in operational area
in Baster Dist. of Chattisgarh. I used these pads on several
personnel who were injured in IED Blast and witnessed a good
result of these pads"
Dr. K.S Kumar, Commandant Medical,
Border Security Force, Jammu & Kashmir, India
"Axiostat is a wonderful product which we used during Gunshot
wounds and helped to stop bleeding. This product has great scope in
battlefields to help in controlling bleeding instantly and save lives"

Axiostat used in Surgical strike

About Axiostat

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